indie started as the answer to a problem that experience creators everywhere face. To run a successful tour, activity, or experience business, you need to have your products listed on multiple marketplaces and be available everywhere, at all times.

indie is made for experience creators like you - independent owners who want to spend more time leading and less time managing your business. It offers a platform that integrates everything into one calendar, SmartCalendar, keeping track of both existing bookings and new requests coming in.

With indie, you can view and make changes to all your tours and update across platforms immediately; we currently have integrations with TripAdvisor & Expedia via our app.

Then, you can keep track of revenue across all these platforms, and accept payments directly using Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Coinbase. And help you do all the manual things, like creating a booking on the spot in case of last-minute guest arrivals.

Click on the links below for step-by-step guidelines for setting up and managing your indie: Experiences App on Shopify.

Shopify: Experiences App  
Shopify | Create an Account
Shopify |Installation for indie: Experiences app
Shopify | Adding your Tours to the indie: Experiences app
Shopify | Adding your Prices to your indie: Experiences app