Before you add your pricing and availability, please add your tours to the indie: Experiences app, you will need these to assign the correct dates, prices and times to your already created tour.

Now that your tours have been added, we can get to work on adding all your event details. First, log into your indie dashboard from the Shopify store:

My Events

You will find your products under 'My Calendar' on the left-hand side menu. Here you can click on the product name to 'edit' to modify this event, or you can click 'New Availability' to add a tour from scratch.

Step 1: My Events

You will be prompted to select a tour you want to create an event for.

Next, your will set a range of dates when you can accept tours.

Then, select one of your schedules or define custom hours specific to this event.

Select the times when your event will start and end.

For custom hours, you can set this in the 'Weekly Event Schedule' below by 'Saving' the schedule.

For example, you may operate a different schedule for festive periods, vs a temporary schedule due to road closures that affect your meeting point. These can all be saved as individual schedules, that you can save for future needs.

If you want to change your weekly event schedule, you can 'Open' your Weekly Event Schedule, which will allow you to set your weekly hours.

In addition, you can also add date overrides. Date overrides allow you to modify specific dates or delete dates from your dairy - So you can take that well-earned break for your birthday 🥳

Click 'Save' to finalise this Availability.

Step 2: My Prices

You will be prompted to select your currency. Then, define the age groups that can participate.

Next, for pricing you can specify if you want to specify individual prices for each group, select group pricing else pick a fixed price for every group.

Select your total capacity, here you can also select individual capacity for the different age groups that can participate.

Finally, select the event you want to attach this price with.

Click 'Save' to finalise this Pricing Rate.