indie launched in 2021 to help small operators recover from COVID with a low-cost, easy-to-use solution. We believe that as former tour operators ourselves, we can build a fairer experience for you and a better booking experience for your guests. We are constantly working on features that will help you to manage your business so that you can focus on welcoming guests.

October 2022 - indie Pay

indie offers you the option to accept bookings via your own website using the indie booking widget. Users could previously choose to integrate their own payment provider ie Stripe and/or Coinbase account.

But now for hosts that Don't have a payment provider? indie will take care of payment and transaction fees using indie pay. You pay only 5% commission on successful bookings. You'll get paid every 14 days for bookings that are completed, minus commission.

For more info check out the FAQ: Adding a payment system to your booking widget.

August 2022 - Launch indie Travel (BETA)

Our online tour and activity marketplace drives interested travellers to our website while showcasing our hosts' experiences and brands.

  • More reach - Reach millions of customers through our online marketplace.
  • Low commission - You’ll pay only 10% commission for successful bookings through our marketplace. We take care of payment & transaction fees - this is the lowest in the industry.
  • Control of your branding - We know how important it is for your brand to sit beside your tour, so you’ll have a business profile visible on your products. Unlike other booking sites, we won’t hide your company or brand. You built the business, and indie is here to help you shine.

Ready to list your tours on indie Travel? Let’s take the Next Step:

  1. Log in to your indie Supplier Dashboard and ensure your availability and pricing are up to date.
  2. Configure indie Travel under your integrations.
  3. Sit back and wait for bookings to come in

If you want to add tours or make any updates, simply follow the guidelines found in our help centre. You can also email with any changes you would like, and our concierge team can make these changes on your behalf.

Let’s keep supercharging your tour business, together.