Congratulations! You've decided to install the indie app into your Shopify store.


The indie: Experience app works within Shopify Themes in version 2.0.

Shopify limits Theme App Extensions to Themes version 2.0. Please have a look at this Shopify Help Centre Article if you have not yet upgraded your Shopify themes to the new 2.0 version

When choosing themes you can filter "Theme architecture" for Online Store 2.0.

Step 1 - Shopify install

It's pretty simple to get set up. Once you click on add app via the listing page, you'll be presented with the following screen:

At this stage, we're requesting access to different areas of your store to fully integrate our app correctly.

You'll need to click 'Add App', which will begin adding the application to your store.

Step 2 - Welcome to indie.

Great! Once you've confirmed to install the app, you'll be notified that indie is now onboarding the store onto our platform, with the following screen:

You can walk through the simple guide, which highlights a few of the platform's key features and click on Next.

Once you've reviewed some of the features on offer, the app will provide the following on-boarding screen:

Where you can now connect your existing account or create a new account.

Step 3 - Connect account

If all looks good, and you click 'Get Started', the app will return a login screen first, where you can log in with an existing indie account:

Alternatively, you can signup for an indie account directly:

On signup of an account, you'll also need to verify your email address via an email we'll send you to confirm it is you signing up.

Step 4 - Create a listing

Once you've either logged in or signed up with indie, and verified your email, the next step would be to create a listing for your store.

The indie app provides you with a simple, quick-start test product that can be created for your store, that you can go back and edit if required.

Clicking 'Yes' will create the test product for you in your store, whilst 'Skip for now' will not add a product, and you'll need to go back and add one yourself manually.

Step 5 - Enable indie Experience App theme

Getting started with a test tour is a great way to become familiar with indie. Once you've hit 'yes', you will be prompted on enabling the theme

Click 'Okay, got it.' to confirm. You'll then find yourself in the myshopify dashboard settings.

Step 6 - Customize your theme

Within your dashboard, you can go to 'Themes' and then 'Customize'

Your 'Customize' settings will provide you with control over your styling. You have your control panel on the left, scroll to the bottom and find 'Add section' which sits above the footer section.

We have added two sections, one is 'Indie Featured' which is a header we have created for the theme. And the other is 'Indie Product' which we will show you below. For now, select 'Indie Featured'.

Next, click 'Save' in the right-hand corner.

Step 7 - Customize your homepage

The themes for Shopify are iterative which means you can create multiple blocks for styling.

Go to 'Add Section' on the left-hand menu. Select 'Indie Featured', this will add the indie designed blocks to your default homepage. To display only the new design you can go through and disable the original blocks such as; Image Banner, Rich Text.

Top Tip: You can drag 'App' section to the top of your side bar and that'll make it easier to find in the future.

Step 8 - Customize your product

In your top navigation bar, you will find 'Search online store' dropdown. Select  'Products' and select 'Default'.

Once this dropdown changes to 'Default Product', you can then go back to your 'Apps' section in the sidebar, and select the 'indie Product' to display the new layout.

As you did with the homepage, you will then need to hide the default blocks to only display the indie theme.

Here you can hide 'Product information' and 'Product Recommendations' to display only your indie tour information.

'Save' these settings with the button in the right-hand corner

Step 9 - Add Your Experiences to indie

Log into your indie dashboard from the Shopify store, which you will locate on your Shopify Dashboard under 'Apps'.

Click on the indie: Experiences icon to access your indie tour management platform:

You will find your test product under 'My Tours' on the left-hand side menu. Here you can click 'edit' to modify this tour' or you can '+add new tour' to add a tour from scratch.

Read our how to add your Experiences to indie Shopify article on how to create, edit and manage your tours.  


Shopify has a limit of up to 100 variants for each product and each pricing, age group, and date counts as a variant. Adding multiple pricing options would limit how many days of availability you would be able to offer with each product. Please see this link for more information on adding variants in Shopify and for more info on how variant and option limits can only be increased by using third-party apps.

Step 10 - Payments

If you are a new store, or if you haven't previously taken payments through your Shopify store - You will need to add your payment details to your 'Settings' at the bottom of your Shopify menu

Here you can follow the instructions to add your payment method to your store: