Booking Protect is a refund protection product offered by you to your customers during the online booking process either on your website (when using the indie widget) or via indie Travel. This allows your guest to claim a full refund on their experience through Booking Protect should they be forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

Step 1:
The first step will be to make your experiences available on your website and/or on indie Travel:
To make live booking available on your website your will need to install the indie widget on your website.
To make sure your experiences are available on indie Travel you will need to configure your tours for the indie Travel B2C Marketplace.

Step 2:
Log into your indie dashboard at
- Click on “Integrations” on the side menu in your indie Dashboard.
- Then click the “Enable” Purple Button on the Booking Protect Card

The protection can only be taken out at the time of booking and is optional for your customer. If the customer opt-in and chooses to take out the protection, indie will add an adjustment to their booking to cover the cost of the protection. This is what the customer will see on the booking journey.

The indie widget as seen on your tour page:

Selecting the date:

Adding the booking details, this is where the customer will have the option to 'Protect this booking via Booking Protect:

Review the booking:

Payment Details: