It's pretty simple to integrate the indie booking widget into your Wix website.

Before you begin:

Make sure that you have a payment option connected to your account. For more information follow this LINK.

Step 1: Connect Your Website

  1. Log into your indie site at
  2. Click on “Integrations” from the menu navigation
  3. Click on “Connect” (Purple Button) on the powered by indie box

On the resulting popup, you will be asked to configure your generated code:

Step 2: Selecting the code type

From the selection, you'll need to have “Link” selected.

Next, would you like to have all your tours appear on your widget? (Box 1):

Alternatively, if you'd like to display a specific tour, click on “Specific” and select the tour you'd like to show from the drop down (Box 2):

Once you click “Generate Code” you'll get your unique URL.

Copy the code from the dialogue box by clicking the “Copy to clipboard” purple button.

Step 3: Add to your website

  1. Login to your account and create a new page or select an existing page to edit.
  2. Click the + icon from the toolbar (1), Select Embed (2) from the menu options, then Embed a Site (3).

3.    Wix will now add a grey container to your page. Set a recommended minimum width of 390px and height of 680px.

4.    Now select the grey container, and click “Enter website address

5.    Making sure Website address is selected, enter the unique generated URL from your indie dashboard into the text box:

5.    Once you click “Apply” the booking widget should display in place of the grey container. If everything looks ok, click on “Publish” to push your changes to the live version of your site.