Please note that this FAQ is for Bookings received when using integrations ie the indie channel manager functionality. Bookings received via indie Travel, the Shopify app or the Booking Widget have separate payment terms.

Please note that each distribution channel has its own payment terms and commission pricing. For more information on these terms see your supplier agreement that you received directly from each individual channel when signing up. We have also put together a summary of some of the links here.

Payment to indie for bookings connected via integrations with indie:

When does indie invoice me for commission for bookings received through a distribution channel integration?
We will invoice within 14 days of the booking being completed, when commissions within the past 14 days total less than US$50 we will not invoice but will wait until your commission payments due to indie total a minimum of US$50.

Does it cost me anything to integrate my distribution channels into indie?
Connecting is 100% free. However, once you receive a booking, indie takes a 2% commission - this does not include the fee you pay directly to the distribution channel - and invoices every 14 days (subject to a US$50 minimum).

If you have any questions please reach out to and we'll be happy to assist.