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We want to show travellers the world rarely seen - through the eyes of independent Tour Hosts. So, with our northern star in mind, we are here to help spread your message through our communities. We are now welcoming articles, video guides, and other wonderful tips and tricks for other tour operators and travellers alike.

Published pieces typically run from 400 to 1,200 words, but drafts of any length within bounds of reason will be considered. Please feel free to provide photos to accompany your article, otherwise, we will source appropriate photos. All submissions must be original, exclusive to indie Travel, otherwise, the evil Google duplicate bots may negatively affect both yours and our domains. Please see examples of Guest Content here.

What is relevant for indie?

We are excited to publish your high-quality content that is relevant to the incredible travel industry. We're interested in anything well-written with a fact-based viewpoint we believe operators and travellers readers will find worthwhile.

We accept all article types, our main categories are:

  • Industry News: announcements, commentary on news, and more
  • Opinion: personal or explanatory essays, reflections on cultural trends
  • Education: how-tos, getting-started guides, tutorials, case studies, demonstrations

What to Include in Your Article/Series of Articles

We’ll include; Author details, including company and link, relevant backlinks within the body of the article, ‘About us’ section, and images supplied.

Please note: We do not accept press releases without additional context included for our readers.

Article Help Guide

  • Minimum 400 words.
  • Where possible, please use American English as your language preference.
  • Content should include; Title, Summary (two or three sentences), Author & Author or Company URL, Body of Content, Conclusion.
  • At least two relevant, high-quality images to be included in the article.
  • Relevant and factually accurate (if using facts, figures, and dates, etc
  • For SEO purposes, try to avoid simple ‘view here’ links, links to a homepage, or one-word links (unless relevant). Example: while you’re in Venice, why not relax on our Classic Gondola Ride!
  • A standard conclusion is added to each article’s end (to ensure article and topic relevance). This conclusion should include:
  • A summary of the topics covered
  • And finally, an ‘About Us’ section with a link to the ‘contact us’ section of your website and a call to action: ‘Contact us today!’

indie Editorial Process

Before uploading, we will run articles through an Editorial process. This may include:

  • Adding additional text, images, links, or information
  • Removing or amending text, images, or information deemed as ‘Sales’ rather than Editorial
  • Combining or extracting content to be used in other topics or articles.
  • Submissions will run through Plagiarism and SEO Duplicate Content Filters. Please ensure every effort is made to provide unique, relevant content.

Thank you for considering indie; we look forward to your submissions at editor@indietravel.co