Log into your indie dashboard: https://dashboard.indietravel.co/

Step 1 | New User | Quick Add First Tour  

If this is your first time logging into indie you will get taken to the quick add screen where you can load your first tour with only a few short steps before you access your dashboard.

Once you have completed the set up you will be able to go into the tour to add more detail and edit and update information. We cover this in step 2 below.

Note: If this is not your first time logging into the indie Dashboard or if you have used the concierge service then skip to step 2 below.

Create your user Profile

Complete the information to create your host profile page and select your indie landing page username.

Add a Location and Meeting Point

Please include your basic pickup details. You will have the opportunity to provide more detailed pickup details in Step 2.

Select "CONTINUE" to proceed to the next step.

Select your Theme/s

Please include at least one of the shortlisted themes. You will have the opportunity to provide more detailed theme options in Step 2.

Add your Tour Title and Description

Please include your basic tour details. You will have the opportunity to provide more detailed tour information in Step 2.

Select a Tour Date and Price

Please include at least one tour date and pricing. You will have the opportunity to provide more detailed dates and pricing details in Step 2.

Step 2 | Adding, Editing and Updating My Tours

When you log in to your dashboard. You will find your products under 'My Tours' on the left-hand side menu.

Select 'edit' to update or modify a tour.


Select "+add new tour" to load a new tour from scratch.

When creating a tour or modifying, you'll be guided through the sections that are required, we will take you through all your options below:

Location & Meeting Point

Please provide details on where customers will be picked up from or met for the tour.

Once you have added your details click 'Save & Continue at the bottom of the page


Define the language of your tour, including any guide information.


Please select the themes of your tour. These themes are connected to distribution API search criteria and are relevant if you use our integrations.

As these are part of the required fields of third parties, we are unable to modify the list - If you are struggling to find the most applicable themes, please do select themes that are closely related.

Tour Information: Title

Please describe the title of your tour
➡ Make it short and descriptive
➡ It's better to use capital case titles

Tour Information: Description

Please type your description
➡ Make it short and descriptive
➡ It's better to use capital case titles

Tip: Use short, clear paragraphs separated by a space, listing items as digestible bullet points and clear subject lines for sections (Description, Itinerary, etc.)

Add Attractions

Add an itinerary including attraction title, location and description.

Tour Information: Photos

Please upload images that show your tour. For the page design, we recommend a minimum of five images. Once uploaded, you can 'Select as Cover' and add a description for users, this is especially helpful for Screen Readers.

Note: We recommend sizing appropriate to the screen size. For image sizes, aim for around:

  • Width -800pixels
  • Height -600pixels

Tour Information: Inclusions

Select your tour inclusions and exclusions

Custom inclusions and exclusions can be added by selecting Add Another and then Typing in the Test Box.

Tour Information: Accessibility

Define the safety and accessibility options for your travellers.

Tour Information: Covid-19

Review any additional safety measures that might be required.

Booking Cutoff

Please select the booking time that best reflects how near to departure you can accept your last bookings.


Add the cancellation policies applicable to your tour.

Step 3 | Review Tour Info

When you select "Save & Continue" you will be given the option to review the inputs and then "Confirm"

If you navigate back to "My Tours" on the left menu and select your tour by clicking on the tour name.

You can then view an overview of your tour including your images. You are also able to download a PDF copy of your itinerary from here.

NEXT STEPS - Pricing & Capacity

Now your experience has been added, you can now assign your availability, set capacity and define the start and end times.

Please read this article for Dashboard | How to add and modify availability and pricing