To connect to Viator, you will need to login into your indie dashboard and go to 'integrations' > 'Connect'

Here you will see the instructions to link your account. There are two paths:

1. You need to create an account with Viator.

2. Once you have an Viator account you need to
a) create your tours within your Viator account,
b) link the tours in indie to Viator.

1. Create an account with Viator

Creating an account is straightforward; you can register here. You will be asked for your business confirmation documents and your business insurance.

Once approved, you can start adding your first product. Please keep the product name the same as your indie product name for the connection to work.

Adding A Product

The only information exchanged between indie and viators API is Price & Availability. These must match in each system for the connection to be approved.
Viators API does not read the tour listing details (photos, descriptions etc) and so this needs to be loaded directly into Viator.  

You'll be asked for basic information such as Language and title, Categorization, Theme, and Photos.

Next, you'll provide product information such as; Meeting & pickup, Tour details, Languages Offered, inclusion & exclusions, What makes your product unique, Information travellers need from you, COVID-19 updates.

Schedules and pricing are important sections, as this is the information exchanged between the indie and Viator API. You must replicate what is in your indie tour for the connection to be approved.

Finally, you'll be asked for booking and ticket information, payment offers, and connecting to TripAdvisor Listings.

Once your tour is ready, you'll be asked to make a Product Quality Review payment. Currently, this is £25.00 GBP per product listing.

2. 1 Establish Connection

1. Log in to your Viator Management Centre

2. Click on your company name at the top right of your screen, then select Account

3. Open the Connectivity tab, now click Connect now

4. Finally, choose indie Travel from the dropdown, and click save.

2.2 Complete Connection

Once you have requested a connection the status on your indie dashboard will change to complete, if this doesn't change within 24 hours, please email to check on the connection status.

3. Linking your Tours

Next, you need to link your tours together.

Click 'Manage' your tour on the Viator Product page.

Next, head to the 'Product Connection' section.

Click 'edit' to begin the process. You'll be presented with a screen to select your product and the pricing card.

The 'Product ID' can be found on your indie Dashboard:

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive a notification that your account is linked 🥳

Please note: If you have very recently created your product in the indie dashboard, you may need to wait 24 hours before Viator can link to the tour.