Connect your Get Your Guide account to your indie Dashboard so that your inventory is updated in real-time and your bookings sync to your indie Dashboard.

Once connected, your booking calendar on Get Your Guide will display availability directly from indie. When your traveller books via your Get Your Guide listing, the booking will be displayed in your indie supplier dashboard.  The availability/inventory will be updated across Get Your Guide, and indie Travel and on all your connected OTA channels as well as your indie booking widget (if you are using this).  

For Support: Send an email to with a link to your products on Get Your Guide or with your account username and our team can help you to finalise the connection.

Step 1: Create an account with indie and add your tours

Register/Sign in to your indie Supplier Dashboard
- Add your tours to indie
- Add your Availability and Pricing in indie

Step 2:
Create an account with Get Your Guide

Creating an account is straightforward; you can register here. You will be asked for your business confirmation documents and your business insurance.

Once approved, you can start adding your first product. Please keep the product name the same as your indie product name for the connection to work.

Add your tours to get your guide

Note: The only information exchanged between indie and the Get Your Guide API is Availability and bookings. Get Your Guide API does not read the tour listing details (photos, descriptions etc) and so this needs to be loaded directly into Get Your Guide first.

Step 3:  
Request connection in indie

You will need to login into your indie dashboard and go to 'integrations' > 'Connect'

Request connection in Get Your Guide and Connect your Tours

  1. In your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration account, Go to Products → Manage Products. Choose the product you would like to connect, click →  Edit details.
  2. Under Options, choose the product option you would like to connect and click Connectivity Settings → Edit.

3. Under Do you use a booking system for your availability?, select Yes. Then, select indie from the dropdown list → paste the product ID for the corresponding product in your indie and click Connect.

The 'Product ID' can be found on your indie Dashboard under my tours:

4. After you finish the integration in the GYG Supply Portal, you can manage your availability in indie

Once you have followed these steps, GetYourGuide will attempt to establish a connection with the corresponding product in indie. When this is complete, your product will be connected. You need to repeat this process for other options and products you wish to connect with as well.

In order to test if the mapping has been done successfully we encourage you to check your activity on our website and verify the availability in the calendar, trying to add the product in the Shopping Cart. If this step goes through without any error it means a Reservations has been placed and the mapping is working.

More info: Get Your Guide Self Mapping Documentation

If you receive an error after clicking Connect, please make note of the error details and contact for assistance.