We’re excited to have you featured on indie Market, and thank you for allowing us to send you your bookings via your Activitar account. indie Travel is already set up with a seller account from Activitar.

You can send us a Net Rate contract via your Activitar Supplier Dashboard

Company Name: indie Travel
Commission Rate: 10%
Billing Method: Bill Back (indie pays all suppliers within 14 days of completion of travel, you can find more payment information here).

We will get in touch with you to confirm that the contract has been received.

Please note:

  • When bookings are received on the indie Market, we will manually input them into your Activitar dashboard within 24 hours.
  • You will still need to add your tours, schedules and prices into your indie supplier dashboard. Please reach out to hello@indietravel.co if you need any assistance with this.
  • Your inventory and pricing will not update from Activitar to indie Market, so please make sure to block off time as needed to avoid double bookings and please update us when your pricing changes.